Before the Box Office

A compilation piece highlighting the international breadth of sustainable production and featuring footage from Canada, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States to spread awareness in the motion picture industry.


It is an exciting time in the motion picture industry because sustainable production (i.e., production activities that incorporate social, environmental, and economic responsibility) is taking off.  Worldwide popular filming destinations are “greening” the screen more and more.

Before the Box Office is a short documentary film (approximately 15 minutes in length) that we are passionate about because we believe that by telling the story of the sustainable production movement, highlighting efforts globally and re-imaging the production process we can not only continue the dialogue but inspire filmmakers to incorporate sustainable production practices on their next production.

Please spread the word about this project on your website, newsletter, blog or via social media and continue the conversation about sustainable production and action toward a sustainable future.

Footage Donated by

  • British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA, United Kingdom)
  • Green Filmmaking, an initiative of Strawberry Earth (The Netherlands)
  • Next Round Productions (NYC, Living the Dream)
  • PGA Green (USA)

Special Thanks To

  • Pietra Basilij, Sustainable Community Development, Vancouver Economic Commission
  • Julie Bernard, Manager of Production Services, Creative BC, Vancouver
  • Kelsey Evans, Owner, Operator, Keep it Green Recycling, Vancouver
  • Nancy Mott, Manager, Digital Entertainment & Interactive, Vancouver Economic Commission
  • Emellie O’Brien, Founder, Earth Angel Sustainable Production Services, NYC
  • Marnie Orr, Acting Community Engagement Manager, Creative BC, Vancouver
  • Glenne Campbell, Elizabeth Harris, Dorothea Von Herder

The Production Team

  • Director, Executive Producer: Zena Harris 
  • Producers: Benjamin Grayzel, Roi Tavor, Yves Robert-Charrue
  • Camera, Editing, Sound: Benjamin Grayzel
  • Writers: Zena Harris, Rachel Surtshin, Benjamin Grayzel
  • Production Assistants: Sawyer Plato, Rachel Surtshin
  • Original Concept: Zena Harris and Aza O'Leary


The environment was not harmed in the making of this film. This was a zero waste and carbon neutral project.  After taking measures to reduce our carbon emissions, we offset our unavoidable emissions through Offsetters.