Greening Legion with Fox Studios

Green Spark Group was excited to partner with 21st Century Fox on the production of Legion to work towards sustainable production practices while on set. Our team collaborated with each department to create goals around sustainable production practices and from there devised several areas to achieve impact. These included: 

  • Sourcing sustainable materials for set and office use; 
  • Reducing waste in collaboration with Keep it Green Recycling ;
  • Conserving Energy by identifying ways to cut consumption and partnering with industry partners like Portable Electric;  
  • Exploring ways to supporting the community through food and monetary donations;
  • Recording information in carbon calculators and other resources such as the Green Production Guide materials. 

By working with 21st Century Fox on other productions like X-Files, our team was able to build on past successes and identify new opportunities for innovation. In the end, the crew managed to divert 55% of the waste from landfill, avoid 252 metric tons of CO2 emissions, and collectively save nearly $48,000 USD due to these efforts. The production also earned an EMA Gold Seal which is the highestbenchmark within the Environmental Media Association's Green Seal program. 

Take a look at the video above to see how Green Spark Group helped 21st Century Fox Legion make a difference. 

Fox also featured Legion and its achievements on becoming a green production on their Social Impact page.

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