Our mission is to help the motion picture industry consistently integrate sustainable practices on their shows and in their operations. 


Our vision is to elevate the role of sustainable production and for all shows, regardless of size or genre, and entertainment organizations to integrate sustainable practices as a normal part of daily operations.


  1. Take the burden off of the production office and/or studio for finding and training a green lead or green PA.
  2. Work with all levels of the production to deliver a coordinated and consistent approach to greening productions and analyzing data such as greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Keep the costs of hiring a Green Spark Group trained consultant reasonable.
  4. Save your production enough money by going green to cover the costs of hiring us.

Aza O'Leary co-founder of Green Spark Group and Jesi Carson design partner at Basic Design talk sustainable production and material diversion with the Vancouver Economic Commission.

Join us to advance sustainable production!