26th Oppenheimer Park Christmas Dinner

 Saturday, December 20th, 2014 12:00 Noon 

In 1988 The Oppenheimer Park Christmas Dinner began and in 1992 the Oppenheimer
Park Christmas fund was created. Over our twenty six year history we’ve served over
3,000 meals each and every year, and created a very special Christmas tradition in the
Downtown Eastside, complete with a visit from Santa and small gifts including new
socks, gloves and packages of toiletries.

This has been accomplished with the support of hundreds of volunteers, as well as
donations of cash and services from the film industry community and local businesses.
This year we need your help again and hope you can join us!

We are very proud to have organized this event for so many years and realize that it is
truly ONLY possible for that to have happened through the ongoing support of our
community. From financial donations of every size, through donations of time, services
and goods, it is the film and television industry of BC that has made this possible.

Visit our website at www.oppenheimerdinner.ca. You can get more information about the
event. Look at photos from past years or make a donation. We have made making a
donation even easier with Paypal.

We will be doing a COAT DRIVE again this year. The Bridge Studio graciously allows us
to park a truck on the lot to gather up the coats. Please drop off any gently used coats at The Bridge Studio guard shack (2400 Boundary Road, Burnaby). A truck will be parked there from December 1st to 19th.

Donations of baked goods are always needed. Please contact Patricia Brady at pjbrady@telus.net. VOLUNTEERS can email Morgan Brady directly at oppenheimervolunteer@gmail.com. Once
again this year we will be limiting the number of volunteers that can sign up – simply to ensure that everyone involved has a great volunteer experience. When signing up to help out remember that we need people to wrap up the event also. It is the least glamorous job of the day. However, it is one of the most important.