Our Journey Behind the Screens

We at Green Spark Group are excited to embark on a journey to make the documentary, Behind the Screens: Sustainability in B.C. Film and Media. Making this film is one step in our larger vision to create a hub to educate, motivate, and inspire filmmakers to incorporate Social, Environmental and Economic responsibility into film production practices.  

We have received seed funding to kick-start this project and are "crowd funding" the rest!  Be part of this exciting project! 
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The motivation for this documentary stems from the simple question: How sustainable is it to make a movie?  "I have been working in the Vancouver film industry for over 15 years, and this question has always been in the back of my mind." says Aza O'Leary partner at Green Spark Group and IATSE 891 member. "Yes, I have seen on one hand wasteful production practices, yet on the other hand, I have seen that there are good things happening behind the scenes, but these efforts never received recognition."  

"I asked myself this question in graduate school after reading report after report by rating and ranking organizations that consistently noted the media sector as lagging behind others when it came to incorporating sustainability into operations.  I was motivated to find out more about sustainability in this industry and how I could help contribute," says Zena Harris, partner at Green Spark Group and consultant at Sustainserv, Inc.

"We have been moved by the tremendous support from the Vancouver film industry to pursue this film and vision," says Aza. 

The goal of this documentary is to spark a conversation about sustainable film making practices that incorporate Social, Environmental and Economic responsibility, cross-pollinate ideas, and strengthen awareness in our industry. 

We invite you to join us on our journey and let us know about the "green," innovative, and untold stories about sustainability, Behind the Screens