Artic Air Season 3 - Show wrap ups and helps out in the community


I had the pleasure of working with Chris Rudolph recently as he and I were on a project together.  Chris is the Production Manager of CBC's Arctic Air, which after 3 great seasons is now off the air.  Here is a report from Chris who spoke of a wonderful day where the show had a set dec and wardrobe sale.  Not only did the fans get to buy a piece of their favorite show, but some good was done in the community with donations and charitable giving.  Here is Chris's report: 

Hi Aza: It was a an incredibly energized day punctuated with wonderful weather. The Arctic Air set dec, props and costumes sale started with a bang as the public flooded in. By opening time we had a line up well down the 62nd Ave in Aldergrove west of Countyline School which was our base of operation for the last two years of the show.

By 11.30 the school was full of shoppers, pulling their treasures. We had to hold the line and some folks would eventually wait for 2 hours to get thru the door. Arctic Air fans came from all over. I spoke with people from Yellowknife, Washington State, Kelowna, etc. I thank those who suffered the wait, but most were well rewarded with the deals..

On the second day the bargain hunters came and cleared the floor at $10/box. I wanted to make sure to let people know (as many people asked) ‘what is happening with the rest of the stuff”?

Well! The rest of it is going to a wide range of charity and non-profit groups. We have search and rescue equipment going to Nicaragua. North Shore Search and Rescue will be getting a pair of rescue evacuation sleds.  Clothing will be distributed to approximately 5 local charities. Restore in Burnaby is receiving used building materials by the box loads.

I have to say that this is certainly not unique to Arctic Air: Over the years I have witnessed the local Film Industry donate literally millions of dollars to various charities.

All the best,

Chris Rudolph

Production Manager

Arctic Air season 3

This is exactly the kind of news we will share about our industry that may not get reported to the public.  What this shows is that productions are making a difference in our communities with these kinds of efforts.  Thank you for sharing Chris!