"Every Day is Earth Day" - $37 Trillion of 'free' services to humanity!

(this article was written on Earth Day 2014 Apr.22, but not published until a later date)

Happy Earth Day Everyone!  I am writing this article to remind us all of something truly astounding.

Just to frame something super mind-blowing, our Earth and all its ecosystem services that it "gives" to mankind for "free" is approximately $20-37 TRILLION PER YEAR according to an article by Robert Finlayson of World Agroforestry Center.

That is almost 1/2 of the global GDP. Nature and its is wonderful services is just giving LIFE and ALL ITS ECOSYSTEM SERVICES AWAY for free, all $37T!! Way to go Earth! I guess its not just Happy Earth Day, but Happy Earth Year, every year, all the way back to the formation of the Earth and beyond. Wow what a gift!  Full details here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecosystem_services 

I found this cool green "Warner Bros Environmental Initiatives" mug in the recycling bin here at North Shore Studios the day before Earth Day as I was moving to another show. How cool to find this literally on Earth Day and help inspire this article!

earth day 1.jpg
earth day 2.jpg

Hey, I agree "Earth Day, Every Day" is really what's going on, especially when you crunch the numbers.  On that note this has inspired me to start sharing this line "Every Day is Earth Day" because it truly is when you step back and observe our place in nature.


FYI everyone - this info and realization is apart of the reason why I am so passionate about combining my love for "Motion Pictures" and the "Earth/Environment!"