Greening Begins Here!

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Talking, doing, and thinking Green Film - in the news, in the now! That just about encompasses the type of conversation heads of Green Spark Group, Aza O’Leary and Zena Harris seek to showcase.  For those that are new to sustainability efforts, you may be asking yourself: where do I begin? From and Forbes Magazine to the Vancouver Economic Commission and Creative B.C.’s green business directories, you’ll find a plethora of guides for achieving net zero status for your company or production.

For your average small businessman in B.C., these guides are great! But for any full-scale film production, greening up can be a daunting and unpractical challenge for a motion picture production company to take on alone.

Green Screen Toronto did an environmental assessment in 2009. Take a look at the kind of waste produced during the pre to post production stages of a motion picture:

Credit:  Green Screen Toronto’s Environmental Assessment Report 2009

Credit: Green Screen Toronto’s Environmental Assessment Report 2009

This is where a Sustainable Production Manager comes in!

From small to large scale productions alike, the amount of waste produced per film is massive and the details of greenhouse gas accounting are tedious. Your best bet is to draw on the special expertise of sustainability professionals to manage your footprint and make practical, and cost-effective recommendations.

Check out our map “Green Film Worldwide” to find out about how consultation services offered in New York, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand are adding value to local productions!

Get Vancouver-based Green Spark Group on board for your next production, receive a comprehensive, informed, cost-effective “greening,” and help make B.C. a world leader in the Green Film movement, one movie at a time!