Green Spark Group Uses Step Forward Paper

A paper revolution?  Yes!  And you should know about it!

Almost 17 years ago, eco-entrepreneur Jeff Golfman and actor Woody Harrelson founded Step Forward Paper and created a new paper paradigm by manufacturing high quality copy paper made from 80% wheat straw waste and 20% FSC certified wood fibre.

We were introduced to Step Forward Paper in March of 2014 at the GLOBE 2014 conference.  After learning about their work and sampling their product, we decided to use it as our main paper product. 

As many in the motion picture industry know, paper is used a lot.  We see using this paper as a way to reduce the impact on our documentary film, Behind the Screens: Sustainable Production in British Columbia.  

Interested in learning more?  Watch the video by Woody and visit the Step Forward Paper website to get a sample of their product.