Disney Channel's "Off The Island" aka "The Descendants" Donates Blankets to Charities

The Costume Department on "Off The Island" aka "The Descendants" (Bad Angels Productions Ltd.) donated 130 fleece blankets to the following charities upon wrap:

Crabtree Corner received 30 blankets.  

Dixon Transition Society received 20 blankets.  

Union Gospel Mission received 80 blankets. 

The organizations responded with wonderful letters of appreciation as the blankets will be used for the homeless, those in need and women and children survivors of domestic violence.

Here is another example of good deeds and community giving going on behind the scenes in BC's Motion Picture Industry.  All donations, big and small, can have positive impacts!


This donation information was provided by the Costume Department on "Off The Island".  Thank you for sharing your contribution to the local community.