"Falling Skies" Takes Part in Reel Thanksgiving Challenge

We are very excited to announce that Falling Skies is taking part in the the second Reel Thanksgiving Challenge to benefit the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

This challenge starts today and goes through to 11:59pm Friday October 10th

Here is some key information to help make this a success for our show and the Food Bank:

  • The film community's goal is to raise $25,000 in combined food and funds (food is valued at $2.50/pound).
  • Tax Receipts - Available for all online donations of $20 or more.  https://www.foodbank.bc.ca/donate2?campaign=4007 
  • Keep it simple - Use the Food Bank link below to make all monetary donations. https://www.foodbank.bc.ca/donate2?campaign=4007 
  • Food donations - Bring your non-perishable food items and drop them off at the Production Office, or on set with Craft Service and at the circus in the AD room.

This information was provided by "Falling Skies - Season 5" (Invasion Productions Inc.)