Green Spark Group at VIFF

Panelists from the motion picture industry came together from all around the world on October 4th 2017  to discuss sustainability at for the Vancouver International Film Festival’s second annual Sustainable Production Forum.

Topics included Policy, Collaboration, Power, Next Generation, and round tables with major film studios and filmmakers. Representatives from Fox and Warner Brothers provided insight on tools their studio productions utilize to achieve sustainability while on set and other panelists spoke to other tools being utilized around the world such as Eco Prod.

Some key themes that were underlined throughout the day were the importance of alignment and effective collaboration on a global scale to achieve sustainability throughout the entire motion picture industry. Communication is paramount in achieving this goal with several groups already working in consortiums, however, it was identified that more outreach to stakeholders like Universities and schools is an area for improvement.

The forum also highlighted the launch of Creative BC’s Reel Green Program and Strategic Plan for sustainability within the BC film industry. The Reel Green program is “prioritizing education, engagement, communications and resources as [they] develop a platform for the reduction of environmental impacts and stakeholder engagement at the local level to set an example for other jurisdictions globally.” This is a huge leap for sustainable production in Canada and BC is excited to be leading the way.

Jeremy Mathieu, Albert International Manager for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts took the stage at multiple panels to discuss their Albert tool and its place in creating industry wide alignment for sustainable production. Creative BC’s Reel Green Program will be adapting the Albert tool for productions in British Columbia as part of their Strategic Plan.

Overall, the forum was a huge success with passionate conversations and dialogue about how to green the industry and the way forward for everyone. We look forward to next year and to build upon these conversations that improve sustainable production practices globally.


Photo Credits: Vancouver International Film Festival