Our 2016 Sustainable Production Journey

As we wind down 2016 we reflect on the sustainable production journey. Here are a few milestones from this past year:

  • Working closely with Kelsey Evans of Keep it Green Recycling – we partnered on a #GreenFilmTip project to make sustainable production tips accessible to our industry, and have collaborated on projects throughout the year.
  • Partnering with EcoSet to make the Vancouver-based Campbell’s commercial zero waste – all in all we diverted 96% of waste from landfill!

  • Diverting materials on feature films for reuse by local non-profits

  • Engaging with Creative BC on strategic planning to reinvigorate Reel Green  

  • Working with the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) to produce the Sustainable Production Forum, a first-of-its-kind in North America! (highlight reel)

  • Collaborating with the Vancouver Economic Commission on a session at the Sustainable Production Forum – Myth busting! A hit session that debunked myths about sustainable production and brought together the local green economy with the creative economy

  • Consulting on a TV series to integrate sustainable production practices in all departments

  • Engaging with motion picture industry organizations and broader stakeholders to advance sustainable production industry-wide.

As we look to 2017, a few areas we are eager to make more of a difference in are carbon emission reduction, food donations, training and education and stakeholder collaboration.


Here’s to a green 2017!