Fox Continues Sustainable Production with Legion!



Sustainable production is on the rise and here is another example from Fox!  We were thrilled to work with Fox again, and this time on Legion, filmed in British Columbia.

Take a look at the case study and exclusive behind-the-scenes video of how Legion incorporated sustainable production practices!

"Legion is the latest in a long tradition of green production at 21CF. The company has worked with production crews across its film and television projects to implement environmental best practices, and previous series such as 24: Live Another Day and The X-Files event series each broke new ground for the industry on waste and recycling. For Legion, Fox once again hired Zena Harris of Green Spark Group, who led similar efforts on The X-Files, to serve as sustainable production coordinator. Harris collaborated with each department, from props to wardrobe to transportation, to set goals around reducing waste, recycling and reusing set materials, and carefully monitoring energy consumption. By both building on the success of previous series and identifying new opportunities for innovation, the crew managed to divert 55% of the waste from landfill, avoid 252 metric tons of CO2 emissions, and collectively save nearly $48,000 USD."