Green Spark Group's Approach for Productions

Green Spark Group on-set consulting

We got our start consulting on productions—working with producers and training crew across departments to make a difference on the ground. The foundation of our work is to help productions reduce the impact they have on the environment, build a healthier creative climate, and engage positively with the communities in which they film.

Green Spark Group (GSG) approaches on-set consulting holistically—we believe that everyone plays a role in a sustainable production, and we work to collaborate on practical solutions. We intend to transform culture in the motion picture industry, which requires engaging individuals at all levels of production. We aim to strike a balance between making it easy to be green and pushing the industry to adapt to a new normal of sustainable production.

Our approach

We train and assist crews across departments to understand solutions available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and overall impact, and feel empowered to implement achievable sustainable production practices. Key to this effort is enabling productions to track their efforts, practices, and contributions.

In our process, we value input and open communication, and respect individual crew members as experts in their departments. We listen to ideas from the crew and incorporate initiatives that they would like to see. By enabling productions to identify additional sustainability related challenges, some of which may be unique to them, we tailor our work to individual production needs, and then extend it other productions as we learn from our collective mindset.

Our goals when working on set:

  • Reduce carbon emissions, waste, and fuel consumption

  • Use cleaner energy sources

  • Seek supply chain improvements and reliable green vendors

  • Innovate and collaborate with crew on solutions

  • Build knowledge and capacity on-set

  • Measure performance with data analysis and reporting

Sustainable Development Goals

Working within frameworks such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) helps us strategize with productions on which areas of impact they should focus their efforts. Productions we work with typically contribute to the following SDGs: