B.C. creative sector points the way in sustainability, diversity

B.C.'s creative industries now deliver $6 billion to the B.C. economy annually and support 94,000 people working across the sector. But the context within which our success is growing shared equal focus in 2018, with action-oriented collaborations for sustainability as the year’s key theme. It’s not only what we do, but how we do it in B.C. that sets our creative industries apart globally.

Storytelling, regardless of the platform, is an art form. But what distinguishes the industries Creative BC represents is their focus on scale and economics – on turning those stories into content for global consumption. And like any other industry, this aspect of the business brings with it pressures, supply chains and competitiveness.

Increasingly, the work uniting B.C.’s creative industries is a formalized pursuit of greater sustainability within the sector. My prediction for 2019 and beyond is that B.C.’s global reputation for creative expertise will be paralleled by a reputation for stewardship. I believe our creative industries will lead the way across all the key pillars of sustainability – economic, environmental, social and policy.