Your local solution to sustainability behind the screens.

We help film, TV, commercial productions and organizations of all sizes in the motion picture industry achieve positive impacts and recognition for their sustainability performance and initiatives.

A Green Spark Group Sustainable Production Consultant provides specialized services for coordinating sustainability initiatives on set, tracking the production’s progress and accomplishing sustainability goals. We engage with Heads of Departments, provide an on-set presence to motivate crew, keep sustainability a priority and to troubleshoot as needed. 

We specialize in sustainable production:

       Coordination                        Data Analysis                       Social Impact                     Cost Savings

Film and TV productions, we can:

  • Coordinate all sustainable production efforts on your show - This includes setting goals and identifying a strategy during pre-production, working with each department to identify ways to reduce their impact, engaging the crew, collecting data, and producing a full sustainability report.

  • Calculate your production’s GHG footprint using the PGA’s Green Carbon Calculator or the albert calculator.

  • Provide strategies for GHG reduction and mitigation

  • Provide consistent data analysis

  • Organize charitable donation pick-up and placement. We work with charities all over the lower mainland. 

  • Assess cost savings from integrating sustainable production practices

  • Publicize the positive actions your production is taking (e.g., charitable and material donations, waste reduction data, etc.)

  • Suggest and coordinate “green” vendors (e.g., recycling services) and/or work with current vendors to minimize impact

  • Educate crew on sustainable production practices

  • Provide sustainability team workshops and training

  • Produce a wrap report - a summary of information collected during our work with the production



We offer a few options...

  1. Have a crew?  Here's what you need to know for set recycling, compost, set-up and disposal in Metro Vancouver.
  2. Train your crew.  We’re in and out and your crew knows what to do for waste management. (training starts at $50/hour + tax)
  3. Hire our crew. We can supply waste management services, bins, disposal, organize donations. (average cost $2,000/day + tax)

Is there something you’re looking for that is not on our list?  Get in touch and we can find a solution!

When using our services, a Green Spark Group badge will be provided to your production to prove you are serious about reducing your impact. Place this badge on your website, promotional materials and in your office to show your commitment to sustainability.


Sustainable Production Flyers:

Customize a package to fit your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation on how to "green" your production.

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