our roots

Founded in Vancouver, Canada, Green Spark Group got its start consulting on productions and has since developed into a full service sustainability agency, leading the industry through its evolution towards sustainable practices. The vision that leads Green Spark Group is a transformation in culture to change the climate of entertainment. 

To us, sustainability is a concept that takes into account social, environmental and economic responsibility. It's the ability of an organization to manage transparently its responsibilities for social well-being, environmental stewardship, and economic prosperity over the long term. We believe that with a consistent approach to sustainable production we can foster a shift in mindset, practices and innovation and spark positive, lasting change.   


the mission

to help the motion picture industry consistently integrate sustainable practices on their shows and in their operations. 


Where we work

We’re stationed across several filming centers in North America including Vancouver, Los Angeles, Portland, New York, and Nashville. However, our team works globally with clients from around the world.



Through our activities and initiatives, Green Spark Group is helping to achieve progress on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Launched in September 2015, the SDGs consist of 17 ambitious goals that aim to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges and shift the world onto a sustainable path. Meeting the SDGs by 2030 will require cooperation and collaboration among governments, NGOs, development partners, communities and the private sector.


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+ Our Approach

We help our clients divert waste on their productions by installing comprehensive waste management stations, and conducting waste training sessions. Our work reduces emissions and improves air quality by faciliting a myriad of clean energy options.

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+ Our Approach

We ensure productions reduce their consumption of single-use items, focus on circular economy principles, learn how to dispose of waste and hazardous chemicals responsibly. We work with studios and businesses to develop sustainable approaches to business.

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+ Our Approach

We provide consulting to corporations on sustainability strategy, and sustainability consulting on productions. Overall, our operations contribute to a greater awareness and improved human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation.

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+ Our Approach

We work to reduce marine pollution by eliminating consumption of single-use plastic items, reducing carbon emissions that contribute to ocean warming and acidification, diverting waste, and reusing materials, and disposing of waste and hazardous chemicals responsibly.

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+ Our Approach

We promote the use of re-claimed or re-used lumber and construction material. For new materials, we recommend the use of FSC Products, including the use of FSC recycled paper on sets. We also promote the use digital of paperless production applications.


Media & Success Stories

Green Spark Group is proud to have led many clients and initiatives towards greener, more sustainable practices. View our showcase to see some highlights from past projects.


Partnerships & Collaborations

Green Spark Group collaborates on local initiatives that look to advance sustainability within the motion picture industry. Sustainable Lockup is an initiative between Keep it Green Recycling and Green Spark Group that offers a material reuse centre for productions and facilitates a food donation program for production catering.


the vision

to transform culture and change the climate of entertainment. 


Our team

We combine our sustainable production knowledge and experience to help make greening your show or organization easy and effective.

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+ Zena Harris, President

She is the bold visionary behind Green Spark Group. Zena has worked with studios such as 21st Century Fox, NBCUniversal and Amazon to implement sustainable production practices on film and TV shows. Most notably she was the sustainability consultant on ‘The X-Files’ (Fox) that diverted 81% of waste from the landfill, and 'Legion' (FX-Marvel). Zena holds a master’s degree from Harvard University in Sustainability and Environmental Management and has done extensive research on sustainability in the motion picture industry and the cross linkage between global sustainability frameworks and motion picture industry best practices. Zena has worked in the field of corporate sustainability as a consultant at Sustainserv, Inc. and as the Executive Director of the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) global nonprofit.

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+ Kelsey Evans

Is the owner of Keep it Green Recycling, which services business, film productions, homes and special events in the Metro Vancouver area. She has been a long-time advocate for responsible recycling practices and sustainability. Building on her sustainable production work on shows such as Tomorrowland, she is consulting with Green Spark Group to advance a coordinated approach to sustainable production efforts in British Columbia.


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+ Cydney Lyons

Is an honourary graduate from the University of Waterloo in legal studies. She transitioned into nonprofit management in 2013 where she served nonprofit groups in strategic development and program management. She's raised nearly 1 million dollars in funding for the causes she's worked for. Recently, Cydney has served as the Chair of the Squamish Arts Council and continues to work with the community to develop and strengthen the arts and entertainment sector in British Columbia. She's the principal and founder of C.L Consulting.


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+ Lonnie Wake

Is the Business Administrator at Green Spark Group. She holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences from Quest University Canada, where she focused on communication, climate change, and sustainable energy. Lonnie cares deeply about protecting our natural spaces, so that we can all enjoy them for years to come. After spending nine years working seasonally in the backcountry, she is excited to join the team at Green Spark Group where her passions for sustainability, and film and television, intersect.


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+ Adrienne Pfeiffer

Adrienne oversees sustainable production initiatives for Green Spark Group in New York and Los Angeles. She relishes the opportunity to work with studios and productions, across departments, to devise ways of efficiently mitigating environmental impact. She brings with her a wealth of production, strategy and leadership experience, having founded and executive-produced award-winning music festivals and events, focused on renewable energy and waste minimization.

Adrienne attended The Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts. When not spreading the gospel of environmentally sustainability, you can find Adrienne on the trail, or at the music hall.

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+ Jennifer Sandoval

Jennifer provides on-set production support which includes working with each department to implement and learn about sustainable best practices. Jennifer has a law degree from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, served as a board member for the Seattle-based Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability and also completed an Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Business leadership at BC Institute of Technology (BCIT).


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+ Andrew Robinson

Has almost 20 years experience working within corporate, inter-governmental and non-profit contexts on sustainability issues and practices both in Canada and internationally. Andrew helps Green Spark Group support the implementation of sustainable production practices in the motion picture industry through training and corporate strategy development. Originally applying his mass media and communications background to advocate and promote sustainability while working in Europe and Africa, he spent the last 10 years consulting to corporate clients in British Columbia to help them exceed their environmental and social performance needs. Andrew holds a master’s degree from Oxford University in Environmental Change and Management, is a native French and English speaker and is also Chair of the Integrated Transportation Committee at the City of North Vancouver.


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+ Ashleigh Prince

Has worked in the entertainment industry including, music, TV, film and live events, for the last 30 years. While working on the hit ABC show, “Nashville” in its first season, Ashleigh worked with department heads to bring about more sustainable practices across the show. Next she brought the film “Unacceptable Levels” to Nashville in 2012, to a sold out audience. The reaction by the audience to this film sparked the creation of ecogal: The Curious Consumer, a pilot and blog. Ashleigh brings her wealth of experience in entertainment to Green Spark Group and will focus her energy on advancing sustainable practices in Tennessee.


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+ Learn More

If you have a passion for sustainability and changing the future of entertainment, get in touch with us! You never know what we may be working on.


our belief

with a consistent approach to sustainable production we can foster a shift in mindset, practices and innovation and spark positive, lasting change.